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V Rising – Where to Find Alpha Wolf

Blood bosses are important enemies in V Rising and can help unlock abilities. Alpha Wolf, a level 16 boss, is one of the first to appear. If you haven't already, you'll need to build the altar of blood before you can unlock the tracking mechanism for blood bosses. This is an important step because blood bosses are not marked on the map. If Alpha Wolf is the first blood boss you defeat, this will also unlock the research desk, which is another stepping stone for building your vampire empire.

Alpha Wolf's Location

Alpha Wolf can be found near the Bandit Camp in Farbane Woods, as shown in the image below. If Alpha Wolf lives in a wolf den and you see a group of normal wolves while searching for him, then you are probably on the right track. You can find the Alpha Wolf in the location marked below, but there are two more dens where you can find him. The lairs are all close together, so come to the below-mentioned area of ​​Farbane Woods and follow the red tracking indicator.


  • You must lure the normal wolves around the Alpha Wolf before you can approach the big boss. When you get close to Alpha Wolf, the fight starts immediately, so you have to be sneaky about hunting other wolves.
  • Alpha Wolf attacks slowly, but has the useful ability to summon two normal wolves while losing HP. If you don't reduce Alpha Wolf to half his health and kill him fast enough, he can use this ability again. Quickly kill the summoned wolves so you can focus on Alpha Wolf again.
  • Needless to say, trying to kill Alpha Wolf at night will be much easier. During the daytime, escaping the Alpha Wolf and sunlight at the same time can be a bit of a challenge.
  • Although you can challenge Alpha Wolf at level 16, reaching level 20 first will make this battle even easier.

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You will be able to transform into a wolf after killing the Alpha Wolf. This increases your movement speed, but you'll still burn even in wolf form if you're in sunlight. You can use horses for alternative transportation options.

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