V Rising is now in Early Access!

Stunlock Studios was the team behind Battlerite, the arena fighting game, and by bringing some of that kind of action to V Rising, it's a rare combination. V Rising is a multiplayer survival game where you're a wannabe Count Dracula, cutting down trees and building a castle when you're not avoiding daylight and hunting villagers.

V Rising launched into Early Access today. It peaked with 46.593 concurrent players and is currently the number 12 game on Steam. It's featured on Steam reviews Very Positive with tactical combat, PvP, tough boss fights, and dynamic enemies that sometimes transform into one another.

“The day has finally come, our vampires have appeared in the moonlight, and it's up to the players to discover their secrets,” said Stunlock Studios marketing director Johan Ilves. “With a lot of blood, sweat and tears (but mostly blood) we laid the foundations for a truly unique vampire gaming experience. This Early Access campaign is the gem that allows us to fine-tune V Rising.”

In Early Access, the goal is for V Rising to be out of Early Access “within 12 months” and in the final release you will find enemies, biomes, crafting recipes, weapons, etc. Having basically everything. We hope it gets controller support along the way and becomes playable on the Steam Deck. V Rising, on Steam available.


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