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VALORANT Agent 21(Mage): Codename, abilities, role and more

From the first part of Valorant Episode 5, Riot Games started sharing teasers about the next agent to come to the game. There are many rumors about the background of the new character.

In an email exchange with Brimstone in the game, Fade called new agent Varun Batra and referred to him as “he”, so Varun Batra will definitely be a male agent.

The surname Batra is an obscure Hindu and Sikh name based on the name of a clan in the Arora community, giving further insight into where the next agent might be.

Riot continues to create agents from around the world and introduce cultures yet unseen in the video game space. This supports that Varun Batra will be an incoming agent for VALORANT from India. A similar first name, Varuna, means god of the oceans in Hindu Puranas, thus strengthening claims about the agent's location.

On August 25, details about Agent 21 were leaked, including its potential codename, role, and abilities. Everything we know so far is here.

What is the codename of VALORANT Agent 21?

Codename of upcoming agent 21, according to recent leaks Mage it will be.

What role will VALORANT Agent 21 have?

Mage will likely be a controller, depending on what his so-called abilities are capable of. VALORANT currently has four controllers, with six duelists, five vanguards and four scouts.

What are Agent 21(Mage)'s abilities?

Many of Mage's supposed abilities make it feel like Riot is combining the abilities of Omen and Astra, as Mage can benefit globally and blind opponents. According to the leaked information, Mage's full skill set is as follows.

Balloon(E): You can place the balloon on the ground by picking it up and pressing the skill key. Bullets cannot pass through this balloon.

Tartarus Pit (Q): Grab a Tartarus charger and activate it to create an area that slows players in the area and deals some damage.

Vision Taker(C): Activate the ability to create a vision distorting wall. Enemies passing through the wall are blinded for a short time.

Golem(X): The character picks up a Golem doll. To throw the golem you need to fire it. Where the golem falls, all teammates receive a regen buff, and enemies receive a decay debuff.

All of the above information has not yet been verified by Riot. Developers can replace the agent entirely, as the new agent will not join VALORANT until the start of the next Episode, October 2022.

Editor note: Recent leaks regarding the agent's skill set have turned out to be fake. We'll update the article as we find out more about the agent!

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