VALORANT blade updates coming in Patch 4.0 instead of 4.01

Blade updates intended for release in VALORANT Patch 4.0 were not included in the update and will instead be included in patch 4.01 next week.

Patch 4.0 introduced several major updates, including the new Duelist Neon. Multiple weapons like Specter and Ares have been tweaked, while Bind and Breeze have also received updates. The patch was also intended to update the blades, but this change has not made its way into the game.

Riot Games has confirmed that the updates will be included in Patch 4.01, which will be released next week. The changes will make the right-click cross of the blades 1,5 times larger, and the left-click cross will be greater than the right-click cross. Left click will also have a longer range. The center of the blade attack will hit targets first, allowing players to take precise aim with a melee attack, and walls will get instant feedback when they hit them.

Patch 4.0 brought a few exciting changes to VALORANT, but it also introduced an edit that many players didn't like. Many people complained about Ares getting overpowered after the patch. Some professional players talked about it, and few said anything positive.

It's unclear if Ares will be tweaked further, but players may see an update to the weapon alongside the blade change in Patch 4.01.


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