VALORANT: New nerfs keep coming to Chamber!

Many of the new characters in the VALORANT agent roster will be affected by the changes in the future, developer Riot Games announced today.

Riot, "Agents Status" in the blog postexplained that Chamber had a nervous breakdown because he was “too strong,” according to the developers. Meanwhile, Cypher can be updated while other agents like Fade will be tweaked in the future.

Chamber has become one of the most popular agents in the ranked and pro game, with his ability to hold space and teleport allowing him to instantly evade any danger. All four of Chamber's abilities were nerfed pretty hard last Patch 5.03.

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Chamber will be subject to more nerfs in the future as he still dominates the pro game. RunItBack.ggAccording to , Chamber was named the most popular agent at VALORANT Champions, which started on August 31st.

Fade was the second most popular agent in Champions with a 54,29% pick rate. Riot could bring some nerfs for the Turkish agent, as it has had an overwhelming presence since it was introduced to the game. Riot said that Fade has over-performed in some areas of his lead role and that his skill set will be "tuned" in the future.

Cypher, on the other hand, has one of the lowest pick rates during Champions at 6.92 percent, the lowest rate of any scout. This agenda may see changes in the future, but Riot hasn't provided details for now. Riot said, “We're also keeping an eye on Cypher. We'll try to figure out what he might need to strengthen his spot on the lookout staff." said.

Riot said that previous changes to agents such as Phoenix have also been successful, with the duelist's winning percentage increasing in the rankings.

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