Zombie Apocalypse mode is coming to Weird West!

In Weird West, the dead are rising from their graves, which of course means cowboys must intervene.

A new trailer from developer WolfEye Studios and publisher Devolver Digital showed off a few details about the game's first major update to its content, as well as future plans. The first of these future plans is a Plague community event.

The description of the YouTube video reads: “Reports are coming from all over Weird West that there is a plague of the dead rising from the grave! Worse, they are followed by a terrible disease. Be careful, passengers."

Immortals are savages. You'll need to use your weapons alongside the game environment to make sure you're ready for the quest to send them back to hell. Although the trailer is short and sweet, there are a number of situations you will encounter. From parlor fights to stealth expeditions, it looks like there's a lot of fun in the trailer.


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