Trailer of New Pokemon-Like Game DokeV Shows Colorful Ways to Navigate!

A brand new take on the Pokemon-style adventure aired during the ONL livestream.

Pokemon fans have a new game to keep an eye on, as Pearl Abyss has released a new gameplay trailer for its new game, DokeV, at Gamescom's Opening Night Live 2021 in XNUMX.

DokeV is a creature collecting game that challenges players to find and train Dokebi, each with their own unique powers and abilities. This new trailer showcases brand new gameplay for the game, including its vast urban open world, real-time combat with Dokebi alongside the hero, and a flashy and cartoony art style.

According to the official press release, DokeV builds on a proprietary game engine within Pearl Abyss, providing "in-depth customization options" and "co-op and PvP opportunities" for players to explore. The release also talks about side activities such as fishing, a gear system that “adds new elements” to the game, and a series of Dokebi mounts that can be used to adventure through the world of DokeV.

The first trailer for DokeV was released in November as part of Pearl Abyss' annual Connect event. However, before Opening Night Live, the game's official Twitter account has not been updated with a tweet since March 2020, putting the future of the game in doubt. DokeV has no release date but is set to launch on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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