Naughty Dog Released Playstation 5 Gameplay Video for The Last Of Us Remake.

The Last of Us RemakeComing soon for PS5 and PC, the developer N recently demonstrated the advantages you can expect with new hardware. In the 10-minute video shared by Play Station Turkey with Turkish subtitles, the company has detailed new features such as fast working mode and smarter AI while walking through advanced graphics, physics, character models, animations and more.

As we saw last month, the new graphics are really much improved with native 30K at 4fps or dynamic 60K at 4fps. The biggest changes are in gameplay, though. First, the remake gives enemies and NPCs more complex tactics and makes better battles The Last of Us Part 2′uses AI. It's not one-sided as your friends' AI is also updated.

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For The Last of Us Remake New features such as Permadeath and Speedrun mods have also appeared.

The remake also includes new game modes. One of them includes new unlockable skins for Joel and Ellie, as well as a permanent death mode for those who want the full "infested" zombie apocalypse experience. The other is the speedrun mode, where they don't give much details and you can measure your progress with a timer.

Other improvements revolve around characters, with new models featuring much more detail "down to irises and pupil depths," says creative director and writer Shaun Escayg. The team has also updated the animations with improved facial expressions, motion matching technology for smoother movements, and more. It also includes new materials, physics, tactile, 3D sound and more.

The Last of Us

N ve Sony, The Last Of Us Remake It is progressing with a new game marketing logic for its version, and the prices seem to be close to the current game prices. The remake version looks as impressive as the video looks, the lovers of this game are looking forward to September 2, 2022, impatiently to play it again, despite the possible high game price. The popular game will meet with PC users at a later date.

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