Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 events have started!

Overwatch's sixth anniversary celebrations will continue until the start of summer. This time, players will be able to get more remastered skins and a few rather rare skins.

Overwatch's Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 events have started and will run until 7 June.

Like Vol 1, version 2 of the event adds new "remixed" skins to the game, giving old skins an update. This event introduces Poison Dart Lúcio, Dark Wolf Hanzo, Hydra Symmetra, Neon Cat Sombra, Night Owl Main, and Noxious Roadhog to the event-exclusive loot pool. These can be obtained from boxes or purchased directly from the store for 3.000 credits.

Previous weekly missions will also return during this event, allowing players to get skins they may have missed during their limited time. First week awards Dr. Zeigler will feature the Mercy skin, matching sprays and icons, while week two is doing similar things for Mardi Gras Ashe and week three is wrapping up its rewards journey with Maestro Sigma. These skins, sprays, and icons are unlikely to be available again after their weekly missions are over.

Anniversary Remix Vol. Logging into Overwatch during its duration will reward players with an Anniversary loot box containing cosmetics from all of Overwatch's previous events. You can earn more by leveling up, participating in various Arcade modes and purchasing directly.

Players can enjoy the second installment of Overwatch's sixth anniversary celebration now until June 7. Blizzard also announced today that an "Overwatch 16 event" will take place on June 2, but did not reveal any further details.


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