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VALORANT: how to set and use favorite skin?

Finally, one of the most anticipated and requested features makes its debut with the new VALORANT update. Patch 5.07′In addition to the ability to mark a handful of in-game items as favorites, a “Random Favorite” option for each weapon was introduced to players.

Players can now mark favorites in their collection for weapon skins, player cards, sprays, weapon charms, and account level frames. Search filters have also been added to the collection page so you can better find the products you want to set as your favourites.

The “Random Favorite” option, which can be equipped for any weapon, finally gives players with large costume collections the opportunity to showcase their favorite skins without having to manually change them after each match. But how does this feature work?

How to set and use favorite skins in VALORANT?


Since the release of Patch 5.07, any weapon skin, player card, spray, weapon charm, or account level frame can be favorited from the item list on your collection page. Once an item is favorited, players can filter all cosmetic items by their favorite status so they can see them all at once.

Especially for weapon skins, players can navigate to each weapon category in their collection and equip the "Random Favorite" option. When you load it into a spade or game, you will randomly receive one of your favorite skins for that weapon. You don't have to equip a random favorite skin for all your weapons; You can choose which weapons you want for random favorite skins.

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