Viper Bug completely blocks the view of VALORANT players

While neutralizing Spike, a VALORANT player encountered a glitch that completely blinded them for the remainder of the round.

In the clip, an enemy Viper player activates his Poison Cloud ability, while the other unfortunate defender goes to neutralize the spike. This caused a unique bug that caused them to be constantly covered by green smoke even though they were moving.

Unfortunately, the round did not go well for the player and his team. The bug persisted even on the screen after the player's death.

It is not entirely clear what causes this error to occur. Commenters said this error has been occurring more frequently lately. Players have reported seeing this take effect on multiple maps, meaning it's not directly linked to a location, but rather the bug's interaction with the Viper.

Fortunately, this issue only lasted one round. When brought to Riot's attention, a fix will be made to completely eliminate the issue in the near future.

Editor's Corner: ” I guess Viper's Toxini seems to have affected the nervous system of the players as well :))”

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