Streamer team Rekkitz has decided to quit Twitch!

The Rekkitz team, including Jahrein, announced that they would leave Twitch because Twitch did not take action after the recent events.

Last night, the popular Twitch publisher Jahrein gathered his team and expressed the problems they had with Twitch in the broadcast he opened.

Despite the scandals such as bots, bits and stream boosts, the team expressed the problems that Twitch did not take the necessary actions, that the publishers were not informed about these issues and could not find an interlocutor.

After the broadcast, a statement was published on the Rekkitz Twitter account confirming the broadcast. In addition to the above, he announced that Jahrein has a contract with Twitch until May, so his fate is not yet clear, but Toqtir, Zade, ClumsyKitty, ErenAktan, Moparism, Adal, and PurpleBixi are taking a break from broadcasting until they move to a new platform.

After these statements, thousands of people started to cancel their subscriptions on these channels.

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